Grant Horner is passionate about helping people navigate life's issues. 

Everyone has a story and sometimes those stories take an unexpected and difficult turn.  It is during these challenging times a listening ear and the guidance of an experienced counselor is helpful. 

Over the last 20 years, Grant has provided counseling in both the local church and as an Navy Chaplain. His greatest joy is found in helping couples and individuals reconnect to hope and rediscover life’s joys through practical and relevant guidance. Given his military background, he also has a special interest in working with veterans to address their unique situations.  Working toward those goals, Grant completed a Masters of Divinity, a Doctorate of Ministry, and multiple certification in personality tools and marriage assessments including Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator and the Prepare and Enrich relationship assessment.   Grant is currently completing a Masters of Social Work to continue to increase his ability to help individuals and couples.  

Over the years, Grant has worked alongside couples struggling from breakdowns in communication, infidelity, tragedy, personality differences, and potential divorce.  Through a multifaceted approach of marriage assesements, effective communication strategies, goal setting and prayer, marriages are not only restored but thrive. 

One of Grant's greatest joys is leading marriage retreats. Over 1000 couples have attended marriage retreats he facilitated.  In a small group setting, couples learn ways to better understand their spouse, improve communication, verbalize expectations, and develop emotional connectedness.  

In addition, Grant provides premarital counseling, individual, and couples counseling for navigating life's trials.  

Grant does the majority of work with individuals and couples over video conference.  He is available to meet in person, but most people enjoy the convenience of video conferencing.  

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