Relationship Assessment

Many couples have a general idea about what areas of their relationship are strong and what areas need some work.  Wouldn't it be great if you and your partner could take an assessment that could help you clearly identify areas of strength and areas of growth? 

PREPARE/ENRICH is a company who over the last 35 years have used research to designed and modify a relationship assessment to help couples objectively identify areas in their relationship for new growth.  Once couples gain those powerful insights, they are better able to focus on specific growth areas to make beneficial changes.  The popularity and insights of the assessment have resulted in over 4 million couples using it.  

The assessment is completed by both partners, and only take about 20 minutes.  Once the assessment is complete, Grant is will schedule a session to go over your results.  As a couple you can determine which of the nine areas you want to concentrate efforts based on the results.  Grant will provide you with specific tools to help you enhance those areas.  

The cost of the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment is $35.  

Who should use the relationship assessment? 

- Engaged Couples who want to learn more about their partner and develop a stronger foundation for marriage. 

- Married Couples in Conflict who have ongoing struggles, but don't know how to change. 

- Married Couples who want to enhance an already healthy marriage. 

If you would like to complete the PREPARE/ENRICHMENT assessment, received a copy of the results, and discuss the results with Grant, please contact him below.