Grant is very passionate about his work and is bursting with knowledge and energy.  The tools we learned will benefit our marriage and we are able to apply them. - James (married 8 years) 

This was a "last chance" go, and while it will take time and work, the weekend retreat proved to us that there is something worth working on. - Michelle (married 8 months) 

Grant did an outstanding job during the entire marriage retreat.  Enthusiastic, wise, experienced and a great advisor on relationships.  Great tools and awesome exercises truly opened our eyes to better understand us. - Timothy (married 14 years)

Thank you so much, Grant!  We learned how to view our problems from another point of view, to better communicate and be aware of each other's feelings.  You have truly been a blessing to our marriage.  We came to you as a last resort, but left with our marriage restored and full of hope! - Sarah (married 6 years) 

Even after 24 years of marriage, we learned things to make our marriage even better. - Marcus (married 24 years) 

I had a wonderful time on the marriage retreat.  Grant was amazing.  He was funny, respectful and thoughtful of everyone's feelings and ideas. - Olivia (married 2 years)